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Stages of Care

Stage 1

(typically 4-5 weeks)

Most people first visit a chiropractor complaining of a symptom, most commonly pain. The first part of care is symptom or relief care. This is when we are accomplishing goals of reducing pain, improving range of motion, and integrating new patterns of spinal alignment.

After the Initial relief phase, when the symptoms have reduced and the patient is having longer periods of relief, we reduce the adjustment schedule and institute strengthening protocols designed to give the patient more stability and long-term relief.

Stage 2

(typically 4-6 weeks)

Stage 3

This is the best stage of care! After getting your body to maximum improvement, we then have to maintain the progress we have made. This is ongoing care that ranges from 1x/week visits to 1x/month visits. At this point with good nutrition and exercise your maintenance adjustments are to keep you in alignment and functioning at your tip-top.

The purpose of the program is to keep flare-ups to a minimum. Flare-ups do happen though. When they do, your regular adjustment will have worked to cut your recovery time to a minimum. This typically will require a couple of adjustments in a row to get you back on track.

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Mobile: (512) 553-2818

Office: (512) 371-7119

Fax: (512) 371-1221

1106 Clayton Lane Unit 103E
Austin, TX 78723

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