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Adjustments make changes to the spinal alignment. When a change happens to the skeletal alignment, the attached muscles can be sore from adapting to that change.

This is similar to the change that happens when you go through a work out. Soreness is a normal response. The best way to combat that is to get adjustments as part of your routine and use a combination of moist heat, stretching, and icing.

Consistency is key to improvement. We as a team are trying to establish new patterns in your body.

This takes:
1. Time
2. Repetition

Just like any changes you want to make in your body, it will never happen overnight.

Initial visit is $99 which covers a consultation, exam and adjustment. We have designed our pricing with you in mind, and try to keep your costs low so that chiropractic can become part of your family’s routine.

We do not directly work with insurance companies, but Pure Relief works to keep the cost to you lower than the average copay. We can also produce paperwork for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

The short answer to this is yes, but you’ve needed chiropractic your whole life. Keeping your spine in proper alignment and moving properly is essential to quality of life. The earlier you start maintaining this, the better your results. As we age, essentially tread comes off our tires. (Nothing stops degeneration entirely, aging is obviously a natural process.) Chiropractic works to slow down this process, and in combination with proper nutrition and exercise can work very effectively to keep you younger, longer!

Dr. Murphy was trained at Sherman College of Chiropractic, which emphasizes using specific adjustments and scientific analysis. He adjusts using Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson techniques. Dr. Murphy also utilizes evidence-based rehab protocols and modalities.

Diversified Techniques: Diversified Technique is a traditional adjusting technique using high velocity low amplitude thrusts. This technique has given millions of people results in chiropractic for over a century.
Gonstead Techniques: This Chiropractic technique was developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead, DC. It utilizes a system of analysis unique to the technique and different philosophy of adjustment vector.
Thompson Techniques: This technique utilizes leg length inequalities in its analysis of the pelvis and lower back. This technique utilizes drop table for lower force adjustments.
Evidence-Based Rehab Protocols: These Evidence- based Rehab protocols utilize stretching and strengthening protocols to help stabilize where needed and mobilize where needed.
Evidenced-Based Modalities: This includes intersegmental traction, therapeutic ultrasound, and electrical stimulation where needed.

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